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By Jess Grieveson-Smith

An McDonald’s addict – who scoffed more than 7,000 calories per day – has ditched her fast food diet to drop five stone and become a personal trainer.

Jessica Hamilton, 28, has traded her colossal McDonald’s orders for weights and cardio in order to shift the pounds once and for all.

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Relying on McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Jessica was eating up to FOUR double cheeseburgers with chips, the wrap of the day and five fizzy drinks daily.

But even this ginormous order couldn’t satisfy her hunger pangs, as she’d also devour over six packets of crisps in a single sitting.

With just one burger weighing in at almost 1,000 calories, Jessica was going well over the 2,000 calorie recommended daily intake for women and spent a jaw-dropping approximate of £10,000 on fast food giant.

Once weighing more than 16 stone and wearing a dress size 22, Jessica is now a trim size 10 and weighs 11 stone and is even helping others by training to become a gym instructor.

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Jess from Hull, Yorkshire said: “I would eat McDonald’s daily, I’d start with breakfast which would be a sausage, egg and cheese bagel, with three hash browns.

“I would visit the fast food giant up to three times per day and I didn’t care about how many calories I was consuming.

“In one sitting I’d order five cheese burgers, a wrap of the day, five fries and all the fizzy drinks I could carry.

“My weight had spiralled out of control but as I worked so close to McDonald’s it was really convenient.

“I was eating around 5000 calories from McDonald’s but on top of this I was constantly snacking on biscuits and crisps too.

“My joints were aching and I struggled to get upstairs.

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“But when you get into that state, you start hiding it as you don’t want people to know how much you’re actually eating.

“I had become so lazy and relied on cheap food to fulfil my appetite but when I noticed how it was affecting my kids, I knew I had to change my ways.

“I remember trying to run alongside my son on his bike but I just couldn’t do it and that’s when I decided to ditch the unhealthy diet.

“I joined the gym and the rest if history.”

Jessica, a retail worker, soon realised she was struggling to keep up with her kids, Courtney, eight and Jack, six, before deciding it was time to make a change.

After joining a local gym in August 2017, she began working out five times a week.

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She added, “I quickly realised 80 per cent of my problem was food.

“I needed to change my eating pattern and fast.

“Now snacks are a thing of the past, with my carb filled take-aways replaced with things like tuna pasta salad or grilled chicken with rice or boiled potatoes.

“I stay away from bread 90 per cent of the time.

“All the food in the house is now fresh, and I’m going to the gym five times a week.”

Jessica began her personal trainer course earlier this month, and hopes she can now inspire others with how she turned her life around.

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She said: “I was initially intimidated by weightlifting, and stuck to the cross and step trainers.

“But I soon saw my clothes didn’t fit as I was slimmer and that I was growing stronger all the time.

“And now, my own trainer who helped me along the way is going to employ me.

“It’s a dream come true.”


Breakfast: McDonald’s Breakfast or two large sandwiches

Lunch: Large sandwiches with crisps and sweets or McDonald’s wrap of the day.

Dinner; Large portions of spaghetti bolognese, chilli, or curry with a few naan breads or four McDonald’s double cheeseburgers and chips.

Snacks: Crisps, chocolate, sweets, and biscuits.

Drinks: Up to five McDonald’s fizzy drinks daily, and wine.


Breakfast: Couple of eggs and a protein bar

Lunch: Tuna pasta salad or chicken with rice

Dinner: Different types of salad with a different protein, such as fish or chicken

Snacks: Protein shakes or fruit