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By Lucy Notarantonio

A glamorous 50-year-old has kick started her beauty pageant success for the first time despite being DOUBLE the age of other contestants – and she puts youthful looks down to single for 14 years.

Stunning Shany Hagan, from Rawcliffe, York, has so far entered three beauty pageants – placing third at her most recent event this month after winning her first pageant 12 months ago.

Pic by James Speakman/Caters News

The mum claims she isn’t fazed by other contestants who are half her age and credits not having a husband for more than a decade as the reason she looks so young.

After starting her new venture last year, Shany can’t wait to strut herself on the catwalk against much younger women despite teenage son Tom, 17, claiming it’s ’embarrassing’.

Shany, who works part-time as an actress, said: “They say life begins at 40, but for me it has definitely started at 50.

“For the first time ever, my age is working in my favour.

“I am at least 30 years older than the other girls who enter but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Pic by James Speakman/Caters News

“Last year I was sick of working three jobs and having no excitement in my life, so my friend suggested for me to enter a beauty pageant, Face of the World, it was only supposed to be for a laugh.

“I couldn’t believe it when I was placed as a finalist and despite being hesitant at first because I am old enough to be the other contestants’ mothers,  I just thought what I have got to lose and I ended up loving it.

“I came third at my most recent pageant this year which was called Smile of the Universe, I was over the moon.

“I’m often told that I don’t look my age and I thank being on my own for 14 years for keeping me young!”

Shany claims she hasn’t always been so confident and spent years shying away from social situations as a teenager.

She added: “I was such a quiet teenager, it’s only with age I have become so confident.

Pic by James Speakman/Caters News

“Even in my twenties, I was shy, but the older I have got the more I don’t care about what other people think of me.

“As long as you are fit, healthy and look good for your age then it doesn’t matter what age you are.

“I am really proud of what I have achieved and I will be entering more pageants this year. I would like to win at least one just to prove a point!

Shany also thanks her healthy diet and daily dose of exercise for her youthful appearance.

She added: “I’ve always been a size eight as I walk everywhere but the key factor to feeling my best at 50 years old is using honey for a face mask.

Pic by James Speakman/Caters News

“I also think having no stress or drama for 14 years as I have no man in my life has helped massively too.

“I’ve been single for so long as I’ve focused on raising my son rather than starting new relationships.”

Shany has entered three beauty pageants since properly starting last year and has placed in top positions each time.

She said: “I think I have been so successful in the pageants because people like my personality and I’m always smiling and happy.

“When I was younger, I was too shy but now is my time to shine.

Pic by James Speakman/Caters News

“I’m so proud of my achievements so far, last year I entered the Miss Galaxy pageant and was crowned the Miss Congeniality title which was amazing.

“My son thinks it’s all very embarrassing but I’ll never stop now.

“I love wearing the glitzy dresses and feeling glamorous while on stage, it’s such a great experience.”