Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

As the world has become enthralled by the Bird Box Challenge, one group of individuals has laughed at how they undertook such a task years earlier – by kissing ALLIGATORS.

Following the success of Netflix’s movie “Bird Box” – where Sandra Bullock’s character had to wear a blindfold outdoors – people have started uploading videos of themselves doing everyday tasks completely blindfolded.


Having heard about the challenge, gator handler Jason McDonald, 37, dug out footage of his friends Natasha Burdo, Charlie Fox, Tiffany Ann Bradford and Scott Newcombe wading through waters to tackle gators blindfolded, before offering the creatures a kiss on the head.

The idea for their earlier Bird Box Challenge, Jason said, came about because each year they host a gator wrestling class, helping collect as many gators as possible for wellness checks before the winter.

Many people come back year on year, and so Jason and co. decided to add an element of difficulty for skilled catchers, requiring them to be blindfold during proceedings.

Jason, from Aurora, Colorado, said: “It’s a lot harder to catch them blindfolded.

“It’s more of a self-confidence thing.

“If you have a basic understanding of the behaviour of the gators you can work your way up to the gators and get behind them.


“When you are catching them blindfolded, you have to really move your hands gently and finesse the gator so they think it’s another alligator bumping into them.

“When the gators are underwater they can’t tell if someone’s hand is another gator or rock, so typically they won’t bite right away.

“There’s always the possibility you’ll get bit.”

The footage of the challenge was captured at Jason’s gator farm, Colorado Gator Farm, in Mosca, Colorado, during 2013 and 2014.

Having watched Bird Box, Jason said, he immediately had a eureka moment and realised that he and his friends had done something similar.

Jason said: “I think it’s great seeing so many people challenge themselves with it.

“I do think it’s not worth it to risk serious injury or death to get a Bird Box picture or video.


“I think it’s cool we came up with something that has taken off this year.

“We get a lot of people saying we are crazy and nuts when they see the videos.

“It’s for sure not something your average person would want to try.”After spending the past five years rebuilding her life, Becky is a completely different person and has doubled her weight, putting her back to a healthy BMI.

Becky said: “I’m really excited for this next chapter of my life and to leave Diabulimia behind me.

“I look like a completely different person now and looking back, I don’t even recognise who I was back then.

“It hasn’t been easy, but I’m feeling optimistic for the future.”