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By Niamh Shackleton

A middle aged couple have swapped their six bedroom house to travel the world in a camper-van – and the pair are happier than ever after ditching their £500k home and jobs. 

Chris, 48, and Marianne Fisher, 51, originally from Telford, Shropshire, decided to travel the world last year and after buying a camper-van for £18,500, they have since travelled across Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Andorra and Portugal.

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The pair decided to rent their lavish £500,000 home – as well as giving up their successful jobs with the NHS – after claiming they were ‘fed up’ of their day-to-day lives. 

Marianne and Chris, who have three children together, now live off just £27 per day, which includes all living expenses and couldn’t be happier. 

After recently returning from France, the pair are currently at home in Shropshire until the end of January when they plan to travel America. 

Chris, 48, who was head of catering services for NHS Trust, said: “We’re really living the dream, even if we are living off £27 a day! 

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“We didn’t want to wait for retirement, we wanted to see more of the world and live a hassle-free life. 

“Our children have all grown up and there was nothing stopping us so we sold our six bedroom house and decided to lead a simple lifestyle. 

“We have emergency funds from selling all our belongings and have a steady income from renting the house, we have made our plan as sustainable as we can, but to achieve this adventure we have to live within our means.”

The couple bought the camper-van at the end of 2017 for £18,500 from a local dealer. 

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Chris added: “We have a double bed, a sink, two gas rings, a fridge, a wardrobe, shower and toilet, it’s a mini home on wheels. You soon realise that you don’t actually need a lot.

“We thought it would be a challenge going from living in a six bedroom house to a six metre long camper-van but we love it and it only takes 15 minutes to clean from top to bottom. 

“I’m 6ft 3 but I still manage to live comfortably I can even lie flat on the bed ! To be honest, I think our friends were surprised that we would move into such a small van.”

The couple decided to make their bold decision to quit their jobs and buy the camper-van after seeing close friends die suddenly. 

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Marianne, who worked in theatre admin for NHS Trust, added: “You never know what’s around the corner and we both wanted to make the most out of our lives. 

“It’s never too late to travel the world and we’re living the dream.

“It was an easy decision for us as we both sat there and asked ourselves three questions beforehand, what do we want to do when we retire? What we would do if we won the lottery? And what we would do if we only had a year to live?

“The answer to all three questions was to travel the world, so that’s when we knew it was the right choice.

“With us suddenly deciding to quit our successful careers and jeopardise potential future jobs, family and friends found it challenging to accept, but those closest to us have been both excited and supportive and know we’ll be fine!” 

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Marianne and Chris named their six metre camper-van Trudy and embarked on their first 12 week adventure across Ireland last year.

Chris added: “We’ve done so many exciting things on our travels so far such as releasing seals back into the wild with Seal Rescue Ireland, walked Caminito Del Rey, Spain, and Marianne even did pier leap in Donaghadee, Ireland.

“We’re currently at home in Shropshire after enjoying a pit stop over the Christmas period whilst we get ourselves ready for the next adventure at the end of the month.”

The couple are set to go backpacking, without Trudy the camper-van, in Central America for five months and plan on visiting Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize, Panama, Guatemala and El Salvador, which they will document on their YouTube channel, Tread The Globe.

Marianne added: “We can’t wait to travel Central America next month, it’ll be strange without Trudy but we’ll be sure to make more memories with her this summer.”