Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto

A playful brawl broke out at a wedding’s celebrations as a guest and the maid of honour fought each other over the flower bouquet.

The fight was captured on camera on December 31 last year in a Dublin hotel, as bride Amanda Doyle threw the roses across the dance floor, where her sister Suzanne and guest Marc O’Reilly were eagerly wrestling each other to be the first to grab them.

Suzanne got the bouquet first, but Marc was quick to bring his friend down to the ground with a rugby-like hold and take the flowers from her.

The guest then got up and triumphantly left the fight scene, holding the bouquet high above his head.

Marc said: “I’ve been best friends with the bride for over 20 years and Suzanne is her sister.

“Can’t really remember how the tackle went down as we’d had a few drinks.

“It was all in the spirit of fun and Suzanne and myself laughed it off and made great fun of it the following day.”

Marc says he doesn’t mind the video going viral, as long people understand he and Suzanne were having fun and there’s wasn’t any bad intention.

He added: “The whole wedding party seems to have shared it on their Facebook pages which I think is funny and everyone else seems to see the funny side of it!”