Video Viral

By David Aspinall

 A lucky driver managed to avoid crashing into the central reservation after a BMW pulled in front of them on a motorway.

 While Chris Wilkinson was travelling down the M42 past junction 7A near Coleshill, West Mids, on January 7, a silver Volkswagen Polo drove alongside him.

 Suddenly a BMW pulls straight in front of the car causing it to swerve and almost lose control completely.

 The Polo careers towards the barrier before turning weave across the two lanes for about five seconds before righting itself.

Chris said: “I’ve no idea how he managed to keep control.

“They must have been travelling faster than 60mph as I was doing 57mph.

“My instant reaction was for myself and my car. 

 “I take it to shows, and although it’s also my daily driver, it’s my pride and joy.

“I quickly checked my mirrors and applied the brakes to mitigate a collision.

“Had he hit the barrier and come barrelling into the side of me, it would have lessened any damage to both car and driver.

“Fortunately, the Polo recovered and headed towards the M6 while the BMW carried on southbound, on the M42.”