Video Viral

By Chanel Livesey

 This video is not for the faint of heart – as it shows a Consultant Audiologist make a grisly discovery when his music-loving patient complained of persistent earache.

Consultant audiologist Neel Raithatha revealed when he investigated the man’s pain he found half of his earphone – a silicone earbud sleeve – had become lodged in his ear. 

Neel, who runs The Hear Clinic Leicestershire, said: “Upon examining the ear, there appeared to be a lodged ‘rubbery’ foreign body deep inside the ear canal.

 “The client advised that they wear earphones and the earbud attached may well have fallen off inside the ear.

“The client was in so much pain, they was visibly upset at the reception.

 “Once the earbud had been removed, the client was ecstatically happy and the earache had been instantly resolved.

 “I found the procedure to be very satisfying and rewarding.”

Neel has previously gone viral for removing a pen cap, earring, 22 wax filters, plastic clothes tag and several cotton buds from the ear canal.