Animals Video

By Becca Husselbee 

A dog who was left with no fur after a severe case of mange has made an amazing turnaround thanks to rescuers who picked him up on the roadside. 

Michael Chour, 48, the founder of the Sounds of Animals charity, based in Thailand, came across the dog, affectionately named Aka, after he spotted him make his way into the middle of a busy motorway, in Cambodia. 


Michael describes the dog as having ‘the worst case of mange’ he had ever seen after losing the majority of his fur, leaving him bare and covered in scabs, but with the charities love and care, Aka has made a miraculously recovery. 

The animal charity founder, originally from France, said: “We found Aka on the busy motorway in Cambodia, walking in the middle of the road, with no one stopping to help him. 

“We pulled over and tried to build relationship, offered him food. 

“I don’t think he has ever had an owner, or ever been touched, and has had to fend for himself his whole life. 

“I knew that he was close to death so I took him to the shelter, he had the worst case of mange I had ever seen. 

“He also had blood parasites and tick fever, causing anaemia. Treatment was started immediately.”


Stray dogs in poor areas of the country are often mistreated Michael explains, and are run over by cars or hit with stones to stop them returning. 

However, thanks to Michael’s love and devotion the plucky little dog made a full recovery and now three months on, he has grown back most of his fur. 

He said: “At the blue dream shelter his health was immediately checked and treatment commenced. 

“Skin treatment for mange, pain relief, blood parasites, anaemia, and help to bring his temperature down.

“This was the first time this dog had received care, attention and love. He had a warm bed and highly nutritious food. 


“His mange and all other life threatening health issues were treated and within two weeks the sparkle was back in his eyes.

“Within one month his fur started to grow back and within three months he had a full coat. 

“During this three months not only was he physically well, but his mind has been healed. 

“He now trusts humans and actively seeks out love and affection.”

Michael and Aka now have a very special bond and he often goes along with the former doctor on car journeys, never leaving his side.