Amazing Video

By Federico Cornetto

An expert helicopter pilot almost brushed a mountainside with his aircraft’s rotor blades as he completed the spectacular rescue of an injured skier.

Last week [Jan 2], a 19-year-old man injured his knee while skiing in the Anterne pass, in the Giffre mountains of Easter France.

The French police helicopter came to his rescue, flying frighteningly close to the mountain side and then partially landing on it as the teen, identified only by the first name Bruno, was dragged on board.

The aircraft then repeated the impressive manoeuvre a second time, partially landing on the steep ground as the rescuers jumped on board too.

Nicolas Derely, who filmed the helicopter’s feat, said: “France has the best talents in training, engineering and computers.

“Promoting our talent for me is a way to send globally a positive signal about France.”

In a post on, he added: “[There is] nothing exceptional in these images, in the sense that it is the daily life of these people who intervene several times a day throughout the winter.

“We only wanted to share them because it is still impressive, and allows us to realise how lucky we are to have these guardian angels allowing us all to enjoy the mountain, in all seasons.

“We also wish a good convalescence to Bruno.”