Video Viral

 By Kim Reader

This hilarious video captures the moment a mouse appears to take a break from building his nest – to smoke a CIGARETTE. 

The footage, filmed by Wendy Broadhurst, 48, shows an adorable brown mouse scurrying in and out of a hole before emerging with a cigarette stuck in his mouth as if it was lit.

Wendy and her son Jack, 18, were watching the little critter working away in their back garden in Aberdeen when they were left in hysterics as he appeared to take a fag break.

Wendy, a pupil support assistant, said: “The mouse caught my eye out the back window because it was looking really cute.

“He was making a nest, coming in and out of the little holes in the stone wall in the back garden.

“He kept going in and out with different things like bits of fluff so I started to video it. We were both watching him intently as he scurried around, working away. 


“Then he just emerged with this cigarette in his mouth. It was so funny. Just the way he popped out and stopped with this fag in his mouth like it was having a little break.

“It made it so much better that it had the cigarette the right way around as well. Jack and I were literally rolling about on the floor laughing.” 

Wendy thinks the rodent must have got hold of one of her 50-year-old husband Martin’s cigarette butts he had dropped in the garden. 

Mice are a fairly uncommon sight in the mum-of-one’s garden and tend to disappear quickly as there are quite a few cats in the area.

But Wendy, who is not squeamish about mice as long as they stay outside, said she’d quite like to see the furry little smoker again as he was a hit with everyone who has seen the video. 

Wendy said: “My husband is a smoker so the cigarette must have been one he had smoked and dropped in the garden and the mouse had obviously picked up.

“It would be nice to see him again because it was just so funny. But mice tend to come and go pretty quickly in our garden because there are cats about.

“Everyone we showed the video to found it hilarious as well. I didn’t expect him to be so popular when I showed it to my friends. People were not as squeamish as I thought they would be. 

“A lot of people don’t like mice but I don’t mind them. I think they’re quite cute but only when they sat outside in the garden.”Moms