By Jamie Smith

Two cute cuddling baby birds nestled in their mum’s wings created a bizarre fish face optical illusion.

Captured by Melissa Groo in New Jersey, these images of adorable Least Terns show the thick feathers of the chick’s mother slung over each chick, giving the nest the appearance of a strange sea creature.

Pic by Melissa Groo/Caters News

Melissa said: “For a moment I thought I was looking at a grumpy fish face.

“But then I realised I was looking at the back of Least Tern, and that there were two tiny chicks nestled under their mama’s wings, looking in my direction.

“I had never seen that before, and I marvelled at the perfect safety, warmth, and sweetness of these newly-hatched chicks’ refuge.

Pic by Melissa Groo/Caters News

“If you  zoom you can see that they still have their little white ‘egg teeth’, the sharp protuberance on the tip of their beaks that helps them chip out of the egg. Many species of birds and reptiles have these as well.

“Egg teeth fall off after a couple of days after the young hatch.”