Amazing Video

By David Aspinall

This is the adorable moment a tiny chihuahua starts howling along with a worker at pet day-care.

As Eric Anderson sat down with the dogs at Sandy Paw Pet Spa & Boutique in Winthrop, Massachusetts, USA, he lifted Tommy into his lap.

With the mini mutt looking Eric straight in the face, he begins to yowl loudly towards the ceiling until the chihuahua joins in.

Wide-eyed, Tommy continues to make a surprisingly loud noise for such a small dog every time Eric makes the same noise.

Eric said: “When Tommy started howling along with me I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Normally he is a quiet dog, but whenever I howled only he would join in, none of the others paid attention.

“This was the third time I had tried it with him and I was just shocked by the passionate sound of this little body.

“The first time I’d done it, I got such a kick out of him joining in so I did it a few more times.