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By Bilal Kuchay

Incredible footage shows an Indonesian woman who lives with 158 injured and abandoned cats – feeding them more than FIVE STONE of food every week. 

Violetta Hasan Noor, 42, a paediatric psychologist from Pekanbaru in Riau province, has become a saviour for the hoards of moggies, giving them a home in her house – a shelter called Violetta’s Rescue. 

Pic By Dedy Sutisna / Riau Images/ CATERS NEWS

The shelter has a special room for Persian and long-haired cats, while cats which are blind and who need special care are kept in a separate room and those which have been sterilised and given their vaccines can play outside.  

Animal lover Violetta rescues the cats from the streets of her hometown, after they were either abandoned by their owners, injured in accidents or beaten by people.

Violetta said: “I want to give these strays and injured cats a second chance of life. 

Pic By Dedy Sutisna / Riau Images/ CATERS NEWS

“It breaks my heart when I see these wonderful creatures abandoned on roads or left badly injured.

“From completely paralysed to blinded cats, we take care of all cases.”

Violetta said her family, and particularly her husband Pulsiamitra, have always supported her in her work.

She and her husband work closely with veterinarians who are helping them to take care of the felines.

Violetta said: “After rescuing a cat, it will be escorted to the clinic for observation by a veterinarian. 

Pic By Dedy Sutisna / Riau Images/ CATERS NEWS

“The cats are then taken to shelter and given proper care.

“There are some cats that need special care. 

“For example, a cat named Isabel was hit by a vehicle and was left paralysed. Her rear leg was amputated. 

“She is doing well now but she can’t take care of herself like other cats so I give her special attention.” 

Violetta said her cats and kittens are not only given medical attention but are provided with quality food – scoffing at least 37kg [5st 8lbs] a week.

Pic By Dedy Sutisna / Riau Images/ CATERS NEWS

She receives donations from cat lovers not only from Indonesia but from United Kingdom, Australia and United States as well.

She added: “My neighbours are very happy with the work I do. If they find a cat stranded on the street they will immediately call me for help.

“They even let my cats play in their homes as well.

“My personal income was insufficient to meet the needs of these cats.

“Had people not supported me through donations, I don’t know how would I have continued to continue my work.”

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