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By Federico Cornetto

 An artist and freediver duo have completed a world record feat by performing an incredible dance underwater without oxygen – for more than THREE MINUTES.

 Marina Kazankova and Dmitrij Malasenko broke the Guinness wold record by putting on an eclectic performance which included a sword fight and flamenco-inspired moves.

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 The artists pirouetted for 3 minutes and 28 seconds last month in the Y-40, the deepest pool in the world located in Padova, Italy – enchanting the audience gathered in an underwater glass tunnel that passed right through the pool to watch them. 

To make the stunt even more impressive, the pair performed most of their show while balancing on a rope.

Marina said: “Y-40 was full of free divers, divers in the water and audience in the tunnel and looking through the huge windows to see the show.

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“We were very emotional and happy to see so many viewers all around.

 “We went through a lot of psychological preparation to relax and slow the heart rate.

“To make the show even more spectacular, we decided to dance not on the dancing floor but on the rope.

“It’s not that easy to keep the balance on the rope under the water.”

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 The show was planned in great detail, with the coral dress that Marina wore designed to give a flowing effect when worn underwater, while the music was in sync with the movements and script.

Marina said: “It wasn’t only a dance but also an play with a script and music that was written specifically for it by the musical group, Omura.

“Two hooded thieves want to steal the magic pearl hidden underwater, so they have a sword fight with each other.

“Then one of the thieves removes his cloak and she’s actually a woman wearing a coral dress. 

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“Here’s the two former adversaries begin a romantic dance, to show people that free diving is not an extreme sport for champions but a wonderful way to express ourselves, to feel at peace and in love with the universe.””