Video Viral

By David Aspinall

This super-confident teen organised an elaborate promposal complete with signs and confetti to ask herself to the dance.

Wearing an ‘Aloha Strong’ shirt, self-confident Rika Sarkar stepped out into the yard at her school in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, on March 29 and picked up a feather boa and tiara.

Striding over to a huge group of people, the 17-year-old grabs one sign reading ‘mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the baddest chick of all?’ before turning around to one friend holding up a mirror for her.

Grabbing another sign asking ‘prom?’, Rika then takes a selfie before her surrounding friends and pupils begin cheering ecstatically and set off into the air.


Rika said: “The promposal turned out better than I could have expected.

“I’d told my friends what I was planning so thought around 20 people would be there.

“When I went outside there must have been around 150 people watching and they were all excited.

“There were a lot of components to the ask so lots of people could join in.”

Rika came up with the idea as knew she wanted to take herself but – having watched her friends being asked by other people – wanted to be asked by someone.

She said: “Everyone was super hyped up about because no one had ever heard about anyone asking themselves.

“They were kind of sceptical about it, but I just told them to wait and see because I had everything extravagantly planned.”

Rika turned up to her prom on April 1 dressed in traditional Indian clothing, brimming with confidence and having reached ‘maximum slay’.


Rika said: “My date looked and felt amazing.

“I wanted to make a statement and ensure I stood out.

“Throughout all of this, I wanted to show everyone that it is okay to love yourself and be okay with who you are.

“When people asked me who I was going with and I said, ‘by myself’, they would tell me ‘it’s okay, Rika’ or ‘you’ll find someone’.

“I told them ‘no, I want to go by myself and am completely okay with it’.


“Most people are so insecure and it hurts my heart to see it because we shouldn’t be confined to a certain beauty standard because everyone is different.

“Everyone should make the most with what they have instead of worrying about what they lack.”