By Taniya Dutta

These hilarious pictures show the moment two snails crawled onto a frog’s head – giving the amphibian a Princess Leia look.

The images were taken by wildlife photographer Yan Hidayat, 43, from Padand in West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Pic By Yan Hidayat/ CATERS NEWS

Resembling the hairdo of the iconic Star Wars heroine, Yan said the snails slowly crawled onto the frog’s head as they played in the water.

The snapper said: “There are many snails and frogs where I live and I like to take their pictures.

Pic By Yan Hidayat/ CATERS NEWS

“I even get frogs from my friends for photographing them.

“I sat there for hours for a photo series on frogs.”

Pic By Yan Hidayat/ CATERS NEWS

Mr Hidayat has spent over a decade taking pictures of frogs, crocodiles and snakes in Indonesia.