By Nelson Groom

A “naughty” kangaroo has been caught on camera sniffing the swimwear of some blissfully unaware Australian campers.

Sidesplitting snapshots show the joey taking a particular liking to a pair of female swimwear on a camping site in the Cattai National park, New South Wales.

PIC FROM Kathia Arrilucea/Caters News 

Photographer and mother-of-two Kathia Arrilucea, 35, was lucky to be holding her camera on a family holiday last week when she spied the hilarious scenes.

Kathia said: “All of a sudden jumped up grabbed the washing and started to smell it.

“He was trying to pull it down acting like a naughty teenage boy, it was hilarious.

“He looked like he was thinking: ‘smells good’.”

PIC FROM Kathia Arrilucea/Caters News

A boom in kangaroo populations in NSW has seen the government launch a management plan to keep the numbers in check.

Often misunderstood as mere cuddly critters, the sharp claws of kangaroos can inflict serious wounds on those who venture too close.

Kathia said they were careful to watch the roo from a safe distance – but that Down Under’s wildlife was one of her favourite muses.

She added: “We got as close as we could but the alpha male of the mob was being protective.

“There’a so many kangaroos here, especially in the mornings and evenings.

“Australia has such beautiful wildlife: I love looking at our similarities and seeking guidance from the wild.”