Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

Two heroic deer have been filmed digging their way through neck-deep snow in search of food during a violent blizzard.

The incredible footage was filmed on Friday [JAN 4]  as the village of Scanno, Italy, endured a spell of frosty weather with low temperatures and extremely heavy snowfalls.

Resident Davide Cetrone, filmed the animals in the midst of their struggle for survival, as they climbed the snow-covered hill next to his house.

One deer is almost entirely submerged in the snow and patiently chews its food with its antlers covered in the frosty powder.

The other is higher up in the hill, moving its head softly through the storm as it feeds off trees and bush.

Davide said: “Scanno is very well-known for its fauna, and here it is very common to see deer, roe deer, wolves and bears.

“On the morning of January 4, while I was having breakfast, I looked out of the window and noticed something odd going on in the garden.

“Thrilled by the sighting, I quickly grabbed the camera to take this unique and rare piece of footage.”