Offbeat Video

By Mollie Mansfield

A paranormal investigator has revealed shocking footage showing a Victorian hearse handle being lifted by an unseen force in a haunted museum.

Steve Wesson, 46, decided to set up a static motion camera in the Haunted Museum in Nottingham to capture the rumoured paranormal activity on camera.


When looking back on the footage, Steve was shocked to see that the handle of the hearse appears to be lifted – but no one can be seen in the room.

The haunting footage was captured on January 3.

Steve said: “The museum is home to many items with spirit attachments and oddities from around the world, including this hearse.

“On the evening of January 3, I decided to set up a static motion camera in the main auditorium of the museum after I’d heard that there was something weird with the old Victorian hearse.

“I set the camera up to face this very large, old item and locked the building up for the night when everyone went home.


“On the morning of January 4, I went through the camera footage and did not expect to see what I did.

“Caught on camera I saw the handle, being pushed up in the air with great force being falling back down to its original place – it was very scary but also amazing!”

Steve also notes that the paranormal presence appeared to distort the camera settings.

He said: “The footage also shows that the camera nudges and goes pixelated before the handle is lifted.


“We were using a 1080p night vision motion camera so it would not have been possible to have this level of pixelation on its own.

“Whatever forced the handle to fly up and stop before breaking the glass, I do not know.

“But I do know that after conducting many paranormal investigations at this building, it does have a very large amount of paranormal activity.”