By Jamie Smith

An osprey gliding over water showcased its impressive ability to create noughts and crosses with its huge wing span.

Chen Chengguang took the mirror images in Taiwan, China, while the osprey was attempting to catch fish in the water.

The impressive shots captured by Chen show the osprey creating a cross and a circle in the reflective water with its wings.

Chen added: “The osprey is also the only raptor in the world that can rush into the water to catch fish.

Pic by Chen Chengguang/Caters News 

“They have two tools to make feathers waterproof.

“When needed they will swell their wings and dive into the water to catch fish.

“Their goal is usually small, fast-moving fish.

“Once the target is close to the water, they will fly over the surface at low altitude, just like a glider sticking out of the landing gear.

“They then instantly stick their claws across the water or water before grabbing prey and flying up, then flying to somewhere to enjoy the prey.”