By Niamh Shackleton

An inseparable couple tied the knot two decades after first meeting each other at nursery – and they couldn’t be happier.

Matthew and Stephanie George, both 26, first met at the tender age of three and have been inseparable ever since.

Caters News: Matthew and Stephanie George, both 26, from Orford, Warrington, in nursery

From best friends in nursery, to high school sweethearts, to husband and wife with a child together – Matthew and Stephanie have defied those who didn’t expect their relationship to work from such a young age.

They are now sharing their real life love story to give other young budding sweethearts the inspiration that relationships can work no matter their age.

Stephanie, from Orford, Warrington, said: “We first met at nursery but we continued as close friends in primary school and then went to the same high school together.

“We first started a real relationship when we were 13 years old and dated for a couple of years.

“It’s hard to explain why we fell in love at such a young age but I never get bored when I’m with Matthew and even at the age of three I knew he was special.

Caters News: Matthew and Stephanie George in school

“The day he asked me to marry him was one of the best feelings I can ever experience in a lifetime.

“We had always been soulmates but to showcase that to everyone we knew was amazing.

“No one ever imagines they’ll end up with their childhood sweetheart but for us it actually happened.

“We used to get told it would never last when we were younger but we’re living proof that you can fall in love at a young age.”

However, it hasn’t always been easy for the couple and they have faced heartache.

Caters News: Matthew and Stephanie George on their wedding day with Stephanies parents, Julie and Ste Percival

After school, Stephanie joined army and Matthew moved to France for work but they continued to stay in touch with one another.

Stephanie said: “Even when Matthew moved abroad I was constantly thinking about him.

“We weren’t officially together at this point but it was obvious we were both still in love, it was the first time we’d ever been apart.

“I was devastated being a part from him – I think deep down I always knew we would come back together.”

It wasn’t until 2013, when the pair were 21, that they rekindled their romantic relationship and despite living apart Matthew would drive to see Stephanie every evening after work to see her.

Six months after the couple got back together, Matthew proposed to Stephanie on top of the Eastgate and Eastgate clock, a local landmark in Chester, as in that short time they knew they wanted to be ‘together forever.’

Caters News: Matthew and Stephanie George on their wedding day with daughter Erica

The couple then welcomed a baby girl called Erica in October 2013 and tied the knot three years later.

Stephanie said: “Our wedding was one of the most amazing days of my life.

“It’s crazy we’re still together after all this time as stuff like this never happens.

“When people ask how long we’ve been together it’s hard to explain, we just say we met when we were three and married two decades later.

“We have dozens of pictures together when we were children and we can’t wait to show our daughter, Erica, when she’s old enough to understand.

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“Our wedding song was the acoustic version of Sam Smith’s ‘Latch’ which I feel like fits us down to a T.

“All my dreams came true and I married my best friend.”