autistic boy

By David Aspinall

This is the emotional moment an autistic eight-year-old who is usually mute sings along to Hallelujah.

After dinner on March 29, Patrick King Jr watched in awe as his dad Patrick Sr began to play Tori Kelly’s version of the classic song from the soundtrack for Sing.

Enraptured by the music, Patrick Jr breaks out in a huge grin and with encouragement from his dad begins to sing along with the chorus.

Mum Angie – who lets out an excited scream – and brother Adam, six, watch as an ordinarily silent eight-year-old grows in confidence, even stopping his dad from ending the music to continue joining in.

Patrick Sr, from Lancaster, California, USA, said: “It was an incredibly emotional moment.

“I could not have been prouder of Patrick Jr at that point.

“He has very limited speech and he normally lets us know what he needs or wants using gestures.

“He has always loved music and dancing but had not shown an interest in singing along until he listened to ‘Hallelujah’.

“For him to join in with the singer was very special.”