Life Video

By Andrew Kao

This heart-warming video shows the incredible Christmas present that a man bought his girlfriend.

Taken by Helen Nguyen, the footage depicts the gift she received from her boyfriend, a book of photos and letters to open on special occasions in their life together.

The couple have been in a long distance relationship for a number of years.

The book, which was made to order by Helen’s boyfriend contains dozens of special messages and special photos for those important moments such as birthdays but also important milestones such as when they move in together.

Helen said: “My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship so this was originally my christmas present. He could have bought something more materialistic but I don’t know, I wanted something more sentimental. So when I first opened this gift I was literally so surprised that I didn’t know how to react. 

“Also in each little black square there are hand-written letters that I can only on specific occasions like  when we have kids. I literally cried until I felt like I was dehydrated.”