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Two adorable baby javelinas have been spotted scuttling through snow.

 The tiny pigs followed their parents around a bush next to a private residence in the town of Sedona, Arizona, on December 31 2018, moving quickly so not to sink in the thick white mantle that covered the ground.

As the herd of adults led the little ones through the powder, local resident Rayla Marie Wilson, 32, filmed the enchanting scenery, with thick snowflakes falling to the ground and trees covered in white. 

Even cacti were carrying their share of snow as the desert state entered the new year in strange fashion.

Rayla said: “Javelinas are common here in Arizona and Texas. 

“It’s not too common to see babies especially this small, and Sedona only gets two days of snow roughly each year that sticks long, so to see them in snow is very uncommon.

“My eight-year-old daughter saw them as we were driving by and pointed them out.

“I got out and took the video, we were all amazed at seeing them, we had never seen babies so small.

 “We were in such shock and joy to see them in the snow that day, because we had also never experienced this much snow in our hometown.”

Rayla says this was the most snow the town of Sedona had in eight years.

She says: “Sedona ended up being shut down on both interstates that connect to it because of the heavy snow and terrible road conditions.

“We loved it, we took beautiful photos the next day.”