By Jamie Smith

Such moo-ligans! A group of cows have caused carnage across a village after being let loose.

Luc Hosten, 59, witnessed the events unfold last week while walking through Schoenmakerskop, a small village in South Africa.

Luc Hosten/Caters News

His images show the group of cows rampaging through the village, tearing through rubbish bags and causing chaos on the roads.

Luc, who works at a bird sanctuary, said: “My favourite image is of the cow that is ripping open the garbage bags.

Luc Hosten/Caters News

“They also have no road sense and some cross the road without using the zebra crossing.

“It was amusing to watch as there was one jogger who was unsure of what to do when confronted by a cow.

“Somebody must have complained as animal control arrived and herded the cows away from Schoenmakerskop.

Luc Hosten/Caters News

“But I thought it was funny, cows are rarely seen in little coastal villages and they are beautiful in the marine surroundings.”