Offbeat Video

By Bilal Kuchay

 This Pakistani daredevil’s skating skills and hair-raising stunts under the speedy truck will blow your mind.

 19-year-old Baber Baban Baloch from Lyari, Karachi in the Pakistan’s Sindh province, leaves everyone in awe as he effortlessly zig-zags under a giant lorry manoeuvring his body while skating.

Pic By Anas handani/ Caters News

 The youngster, a self taught skater, has trained himself very hard on the gusty and rough roads of his hometown.

 He is so confident of his balance that he can skate even under a giant lorry.

Visuals show him doing stunts on a busy road, holding several vehicles.

However, the youngster’s stunts under a speedy truck will leave everyone baffled.

Pic By Anas handani/ Caters News

Baber said: “I was 12-years-old when I went to Old Shershah Market – famous for second hand imported goods, and bought a pair of skating shoes for two pounds.

“This was the first time when I saw skating shoes.

“I was too amazed that how shoes can have tyres. I had never seen any one skating before, even not in video.

“They were old and dusty and also broke-up too early but I have kept them at home as they were my first skating shoes and I learned skating from them.”

Recalling the first time when he started skating under the truck, Baber said: “I was holding trucks, bikes and cars while skating on the road. One day, I was holding a moving truck and suddenly I thought why not go beneath it.

Pic By Anas handani/ Caters News

“I was scared but I recited few verses from Holy Quran and went beneath the truck. Now I do it regularly without any fear.

“Once while I was beneath a lorry and something went inside my eyes and I almost lost my balance but luckily I survived. 

However, learning skating was not a cake-walk for Baber. When he began learning the sport, gang war in Liyari was at its peak.

The gangs of Lyari were brutal – men were shot dead on the streets in broad daylight. At the height of the gang wars in the past decade, more than 800 died in one year.

 Baber’s several friends joined the gangs and were either killed or jailed.

“I started learning the art of skating on busy and gusty roads of Liyari when gang war in the area was at its peak 

Pic By Anas handani/ Caters News

“I remember that before the operation by law enforcement authorities, gangs in Liyari used to approach youngsters to join them. Many of my friends joined different gangs and were either killed in gang wars or were jailed by police.

“I would have also joined but it was my love for this sport that kept me away.”

Baber didn’t get any formal coaching or training but learnt the skills on his own while practising for hours daily.

Baber, who works as a baker and earns a meagre £2 a day, said: “There are no clubs in Liyari. There was no coach from whom I could have learned.

“I learnt the sport myself by practising for hours every day. I used to fall more then a dozen times in an hour but I didn’t give up.”

Pic By Anas handani/ Caters News

 However, after Baber’s videos went viral on social media, several kids from Liyari took to skating. The boys on Saturdays go to Clifton – an affluent seaside municipality in Karachi – and skate for hours.

Baber, who has become a heroic figure for kids in his home town, wants to showcase his talent at international level.

“I focus on learning different tricks and polish my skating skills.

 “I want to show my talent to world that without any training facility or field, I have learned this sport.”