Offbeat Video

By Neo Bye

 This Grandmother was surprised by her family with tickets to go and watch The Ellen Show.

 Shot on the 25th of December 2018, 26 year old Antonio Lattimore, a Facility Advisor in Cincinnati, Ohio, wanted to surprise his Grandmother Marion Bess, 62, with an extra special Christmas gift.

Antonio said: “My Grandmother has watched the show since 2003.

 “She watches it every day and records the episodes to replay when she is feeling down.

 “The submission was for 3 tickets so that my mother and I could attend with her.”

They plan to attend the show at the end of February, but are still waiting for official confirmation of which episode they’ll be in the audience for.

 Marion was overjoyed with the gift, finally getting to watch the ever popular show live instead of at home in front of the Television.

Antonio added: “She was in complete shock.

“She had tears of Joy, and could not believe it.”