Offbeat Video

By Pete Goddard

 These daredevil cleaners suspended themselves 200ft in the air – to give these RAF planes their annual dust.

 Every January, a team of fearless technicians are suspended from pulleys and harnesses at the RAF Museum in Cosford, Shrops, to give the historic aircraft their yearly spring clean.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

 Eight planes at the museum are suspended from the building’s roof, meaning their cables also need to be inspected.

 The high-level spruce-up usually lasts eight days, with the cleaners using backpack vacuums, microfibre cloths and mops as sprays and liquids could damage the paintwork.

Michelle Worthington, from the RAF Museum, said: “Not only is this a spring clean on an epic scale, the team also carry out important safety checks on the suspension cables supporting the aircraft from the roof. 

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

“It’s a specialist job that requires a lot of skill and bravery to be working at such heights.

“No cleaning solutions are used during the process, but dust that has gathered over the last twelve months is removed, ensuring our aircraft are looking their best for visitors.

“The Museum remains open whilst the work takes place and visitors are always fascinated as they look up and see the men in the roof, it’s like Spider-Man weaving in between the aircraft.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

 Bruce Kemp, from Acro Professional Safety Services, said: “I and my team always enjoy this time of year, when we get to carry out the annual clean and anchor inspection of the planes.

 “We are so lucky to be able to view these planes up close and it’s brilliant to be working to preserve these historical aircraft.”