Video Viral

By Andrew Kao

 Incredible footage shows a masterclass in pool trick shots.

 The compilation footage was shot earlier this year by 51 year old Mechanic and father of four, Charles Lakey, 51, in Karlskrona, South Sweden. 

The footage shows a mixture of different videos that display a range of intricately designed shots showing his skill with the sport. 

Charles said: “I’m an artistic pool player and have created my own style, which takes more skill than setting up. 

“I do exhibitions here and there in Sweden, and some in Norway.

Charles has spent a lot of time perfecting his craft, truly putting in the hours it takes whilst managing to maintain his career as a Mechanic along the way.

Charles said: “I practiced about eight hours a day for the first two years, but backed down to five hours a day for the following 10 years after that.

“I practice to find the most extreme power I can and then invent new shots. 

“I make a lot of these videos but this is one I’m really satisfied with.”