Video Viral

By Kirstie Sutheran

This hysterical video shows a grandmother trying McDonalds for the first time ever.

Eva McCarthy, 22, introduced her favourite fast food to gran Margaret McCarthy, 83, who had never before broken her strict diet of meat, potatoes and vegetables.

In the hilarious footage, Eva, from Cork, Ireland also gives her grandma a chicken nugget, dipped in sweet and sour sauce and a vanilla milkshake to wash it down along with pizza and a chocolate chip cookie.

Politics and sociology student Eva said: “I wasn’t too surprised that my grandmother didn’t enjoy the sweet and sour sauce from McDonald’s as she usually doesn’t eat sauces other than gravy.

“I was very surprised about the milkshake from McDonald’s though because she is a firm believer in having a scoop of vanilla ice cream with every desert.

I was so happy when she liked the pizza as it is part of my weekly diet, so at least now I can count on my grandmother to enjoy it with occasionally.”

“I’d love to do more videos with my grandmother as we both love the time we spend together and making other people laugh!”

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