By Jamie Smith

A sperm whale appears to headbutt a female diver as though she’s a beach ball in the ocean.

Alex Voyer captured the stunning shots during a free-diving trip during in the Indian ocean with his wife, Marianne Aventurier.

Pic by Alex Voyer/Caters News 

The images show Marianne swimming in front of the the sperm whale as they both head towards the surface.

Alex added: “It is always an incredible moment to be able to see the eye of such giants.

Pic by Alex Voyer/Caters News

“We want to raise awareness about the beauty of those incredible animals.

“We now know that they live in very complex social behaviour and also very sophisticated languages.

Pic by Alex Voyer/Caters News 

“Today it is our priority to save those emblematic animals of the oceans which are very sensitive to global warming and pollution.”