Animals Video

By Jasmine Kazlauskas and David Aspinall 

A frightened family may consider taking their Christmas tree down earlier this year after discovering an angry SNAPPY SNAKE striking and hissing at them from the branches. 

Snake catcher Jack Hogan, 19, was called out to a home on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, on New Year’s Eve [31 DECEMBER] after a family reported seeing a snake in their Christmas tree.

As the reptile-made teen calmly investigated the tree, a fierce snake can suddenly be seen violently striking Jack as he tried to grab it – which sent the family’s Christmas decorations flying in all directions.

He said that the 6ft 6in [2m] coastal carpet python darted the Christmas tree because it looked familiar to trees outside – but became aggressive after Jack attempted to remove it from its ‘safe spot’. 

Jack said: “This snake would have gone from the front door, down the hallway and into the living room without anyone noticing. 

“It’s summer so the doors and windows were all open, which meant he could have easily slithered in. 

“The family spotted him at the base of the tree, but when the dog got closer, he went straight up inside the tree.

“He would have been frightened so he quickly went to hide. The tree would have looked familiar to him and he would have felt safe. 

“He wasn’t happy I was there and was telling me to back off by the way he was striking. 

 “He struck me a few times and then fell backwards, which caused him to fall on the ground. 

“Then I had to quickly grab him, which wasn’t easy as he was among all the Christmas lights and electricity cords. 

“The family were all very shocked, especially when it started flying out of the tree at me with its mouth wide open.”

While non-venomous, pythons have been known to bite humans – while also killing their prey by wrapping themselves around and crushing them to death.

Jack said: “They’re not venomous, but their bites could cause a laceration and you will bleed a fair bit. 

“He was certainly well fed and muscly. You could see the force in him when he was striking me because it was shaking the whole tree. 

“It could have easily been a brown snake or another deadly snake, so it’s important to try and keep doors and windows closed if you can.

“Now that mating and egg laying season is over, snakes are coming back out to get some food and sun. 

“There will be another snake boom soon, so definitely keep an eye out.”