Animals Video

By Paige Haydon

This leopard encounter was a particularly close affair for these unsuspecting tourists in an open top jeep.

Thankfully the huge cat had just finished it’s meal and took no interest in the safari group, allowing them to have the ultimate close-up experience.

PIC FROM Mike Sutherland/ Caters News

Private safari guide, Mike Sutherland, 29, from Johannesburg shot the jaw-dropping moment at the Mala Mala Game Reserve in February.

Mike, a guide for Safari Architects said: “The leopard has been feeding on a kill close by, and had started moving after he had finishing eating so thankfully he wasn’t interested in us.

“We followed him in the vehicle and watched as he picked up on scent of another leopard and began to smell around.

PIC FROM Mike Sutherland/ Caters News

“He is seen brushing up against the bushes and shrubs to leave his scent behind too.

“He had no interest in the vehicle at all, and merely brushed past us as if we were not there.

“Viewing leopards in their natural habitat is fairly common but sightings close-up like this are much more rare.

“Once I stopped filming, the male leopard continued to walk up the road, on his evening patrol before coming across some Impala in the distance.”