Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

A schoolboy has been caught shouting at his mum in a hilarious clip after he missed the book fair. 

RJ, who is nine-years-old, from Los Angeles, California, US, can be seen greeting his mum in anger after he missed the event as it closed early. 

His mum, Kirchelle Harris, who took the footage on December 7, said: “RJ was upset with me because he wasn’t able to make it to the book fair in time.

“The book fair ended earlier that day because it was just before their winter break.”

RJ was desperate to get his cousin Ariah, a Pokemon diary for her birthday that coming weekend. 

Kirchelle added: “It’s funny to see how angry RJ became towards me, all for a good cause – he’s a good kid with a good heart.

“I’m sure his tone went over his head at the time, it was just proof to show how serious it was to RJ about getting his big cousin something special.” 

Despite the drama, RJ got his beloved cousin a different birthday gift of a DVD and clothes instead.