Video Viral

By Bilal Kuchay

This amazing video shows an Indian gypsy girl swinging on a tightrope and remarkably performing nail-biting stunts for an audience.

The video was shot by a passer-by Fayaz Peer who was in the Lajpat Nagar Market area in the New Delhi.

The unidentified girl in her pre-teens hails from the Nat community- a community of professional dancers, singers and acrobats who originated from Rajasthan.

She began her performance on the tightrope tied to a centrally fixed bamboo by walking, using a steal rim of a bike.

She is then seen carrying a stick in her hands and metal utensils on her head and flawlessly walking back and forth.

However, she left spectators in awe when she suddenly began swinging on the rope.

The Nat community have been earning a living out of such street performance since the time of Mogul empire in India.

While young girls and women perform the rope-dance, their men beat drums to attract an audience. They walk from towns to cities, carrying their props, erecting tents and performing on the way.