Offbeat Video

By Neo Bye

In this stomach-churning footage a fearless teen tests his muscles by doing chin-ups – atop a CRANE.

Full time stuntman George King, 19, has been passionate about climbing since the age of 13 and scaled the crane in East London without a harness.

George, from Stratford, said his family do not encourage his climbs but accept his unusual hobby as it makes the former depression sufferer happy.

In the terrifying video, a topless George can be seen performing pull ups on the white bars of the huge structure with no safety equipment whatsoever.

George said: “I train mentally as much as I do physically. Meditation allows me to go into a state of pure control where there is zero fear.

“I do not seek an adrenaline rush, if I wanted a rush, I would go to a theme park.

“It is more a sense of prolonged self-clarity. Climbing gives me an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, which transmits days after the event.

“As a former sufferer of depression, I was lucky enough to have a passion for climbing.

“Whenever depression hit I always found justice and rehabilitation by doing what I love – the freedom and peace of climbing.”

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