Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

A hungry baby hilariously ducked under her dad’s hug to grab a chipotle bag.

While Martin Keegan and his daughter Gracelyn played at home in Kansas City, Kansas, the doting dad throws open his arms for a cuddle.

Carefully stepping towards him, the 11-month-old looks like she’s ready for a squeeze, only to drop to all fours and crawl underneath his left arm.

Leaving Martin, 28, stunned, Gracelyn makes a beeline for the brown Chipotle bag behind him, reaching in a pulling another bag out.

Mum Sammy said: “Gracelyn is a huge daddy’s girl and always goes for his hugs so when she went for the Chipotle it was hysterical.

“Both of our jaws dropped, and we started cracking up after I stopped recording.

“We have eaten there so much since she was born that we joked she recognised the bag and knew there was food in it.

“She just learned to fully walk so she used to crawl to him as fast as she could.

“When daddy comes home from work or anywhere it’s pretty exciting.

“We just love that she walks with her hands in the air and that’s the reason why I recorded it in the first place.”