Animals Video

By David Aspinall

A bunch of clumsy penguins had trouble walking down a muddy slope with serious comical effects.

Filmed on the beach near Baily Head on Deception, South Shetland Islands, the black and white birds have trouble getting a grip on the soggy ground.

As some of them lose their footing slightly, they have to throw their wings back to right their balance, making them look like they’re skiing.

Juan said: “It was quite comical to be honest.

“Heavy rain had turned most of the mountainside into a slurry of mud.

“I reckon some of them must have slipped a good 100-150m.

“Chinstraps are remarkable creatures and their climbing abilities far exceeded my own.

“So, it was funny to see these adorable little guys slipping and sliding down the mountain.”

Juan filmed the footage in December 2017 but has only just uploaded it to social media recently.