By Kristiana Hall

This slackliner took on a DAM scary challenge – balancing on a wire 450ft in the air.

PIC FROM Valentin Rapp / Caters News

Photos show the tiny figure of Lukas Irmler holding his arms out to keep his balance at the top of the Gordon River Dam in Tasmania, Australia.

Wearing just a bright green top, he stands out in the day and night as the concrete structure drops away from him.

PIC FROM Valentin Rapp / Caters News

The pictures were taken by German photographer Valentin Rapp.

Valentin said: “I have been a professional photographer for around four years, but I was slacklining before then, so I love doing these sorts of shoots.

PIC FROM Valentin Rapp / Caters News

“I usually walk all of the highlines too.

“It’s always very exciting for me because I know exactly what they are feeling at that moment when they are on the line.

“That also helps me to take the perfect photo. I always know what the next step is going to be.”S