Life Video

By Randal Coombs

The moment a daughter reunited her mum with her grandma after 23 years apart has been captured on camera.

Christobal Orozco set up the surprise for her mum, Lourdes, and auntie, Leticia, in San Jose, California, US, on December 30.

In the video clip both Lourdes and Leticia can be seen crying as the pair are reunited with their mum.

Due to visa issues, Lourdes was unable to return to Mexico so Christobal applied a visitor visa for her grandma who will be staying with them for two months.

Chrisobal said: “My mom and aunt haven’t seen their mom in over 23 years due to my mom not being able to leave to Mexico and be able to come back.

“So we applied for a visitor visa for my grandma so she can come to the United States.

“This was a surprise for my mum’s birthday, for her to finally see her mother.

“After they stopped crying they sat down and talked about their reunion. They were still in shock. My grandma is going to stay for two months than go visit my uncle in Wisconsin after.”