Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto

Terrifying fire tornadoes broke out at a New Year’s Eve bonfire party leaving onlookers screaming.

People gathered on the beach of Scheveningen, Netherlands, to celebrate the arrival of 2019, suddenly found themselves in an apocalyptic scene.

In the video shot by Stefan Dijkstra, fiery tornadoes can be seen detaching from the bonfires in quick succession and swirling fast towards the residences on the coast.

However, those celebrating the new year are far from being put off by the drama and keep their music on as the hellish spectacle is laid before them.

Stefan said: “These bonfires are held yearly at Scheveningen and Duindorp, where there is a competition to see who can build the largest bonfire, and this has never caused problems before.

“However, this year both locations violated an agreement that prevented them from building a bonfire larger than 35 metres, as both were 48 metres tall.

“This, combined with wind from the sea, caused all these problems.

“Fortunately, no one was injured, but there has been a lot of property damage to rooftops and gardens that caught fire.”

The emergency services were called out over 3,150 times between 6pm on December 31 and 2am.

Stefan said: “The municipal council will soon debate on the municipality’s role in this, since they apparently neglected their task in enforcing the agreement between them and the builders of the bonfire.”