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By Jess Grieveson-Smith

A brother who received a Christmas present from his prankster brother WELDED shut has finally found out what’s in the box – and it’s just as much of a riddle as its wrapping.

Taking a whopping 40 minutes to open yesterday [Jan 1], Luke Schol, 29, found younger sibling, Joshua, 27, had not only welded the gift shut, but added an extra layer of concrete inside.

PIC FROM Caters News

The grinder, from Plymouth, had waited till he returned to work to open the gift since receiving it on Dec 25 as his family had spent their Christmas in the ‘middle of nowhere’ in Cornwall, meaning it had been impossible for Luke to open.

Yet despite having access to the equipment, it was still no easy task to get into the box – and Luke was disappointed to find just a cheap puzzle when he finally did get to the present.

Luke said: “There was a separate layer inside the box which made it harder than expected, and then to make it even more difficult the grinder broke, meaning I had to finish it off with a hacksaw.

“I did warn everyone, it was going to be the biggest anti-climax of the year.”

PIC FROM Caters News

It seemed Joshua had the last laugh, as he gifted his brother a block puzzle, with the box slightly battered after the turmoil of the unwrapping.

Last week, hilarious footage showed Luke looking at the box, which also read ‘f**k you’.

The two brothers have committed to their rather unconventional custom of unique wrapping every year for the last seven years – wrapping their gifts to each other in everything from bin bags to McDonald’s wrappers.

Luke, 29 said: “I started the tradition.

“I didn’t have anything to wrap my brother’s present in and if I’m honest, I’m a pure wind up merchant.”