By Bilal Kuchay

Doctors in India have removed the world’s heaviest kidney tumour – weighing a huge 14.28lbs – in a four-hour long surgery.

The unnamed male patient, from Bareilly in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, was brought to government-run Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital in New Delhi in December complaining of pain in his abdomen.

During examination of the 50-year-old, doctors felt a large firm mass on the left side of his abdomen.

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After more thorough investigations, doctors found a large tumour in his kidney.

A surgery was planned and the tumour, weighing a whopping 14.28lbs [6.7kg], was removed by a team of eight doctors headed by Dr Rajeev Sood.

Dr Umesh Sharma, assistant professor in urology department at RML Hospital and also the main operating surgeon, said: “The kidney tumour which was removed has dimensions of 29x23x16cm and weight of 14.28lbs.

“Such mammoth-sized kidney tumour cases are very rare and difficult to remove.

“This tumour had grown so huge that it had displaced his intestines to the right side of his body.

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“The tumour was compressing on all structures of his abdomen including his liver, stomach and spleen.

“The tumour had to be removed in total, and at the same time, the blood loss had to be reduced and limited.”

The surgeon said the tumour could have been deadly.

Luckily the tumour was removed on time and the patient was discharged from the hospital within a week.

Dr Umesh and his team are now eyeing a Guinness World Record.

Dr Umesh said: “The patient didn’t face any complications post surgery and was was discharged from the hospital within a week.

“We have already applied for the Guinness world record to break the existing record of removing the heaviest kidney tumour.”

The current Guinness World Record for the heaviest kidney tumour removed stands at 5.5kg (12.12lbs).

It was removed by Indian urologist Dr Ajit Sawant in Mumbai on November 2016 from a woman’s kidney.