Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

Ten naughty ferrets have messed up their room by destroying the pillows their owner had bought for them.

Wildlife biologist Will Sherrer, 32, was so kindhearted as to give his ferrets a bedroom all for themselves, however, the cheeky animals paid him back by mauling up the pillows and covering the place up in foam flakes and feathers.

“I didn’t know we were supposed to get snow today” says Will during the video, as he films the little gang sneaking around the debris and trying to cause further devastation.

Thankfully, the ferrets weren’t able of chewing up the other furniture Will had got them, including some pipes to be used as tunnels and a ball pit. 

Will said: “I wasn’t too surprised to find this mess, they tear up pretty much everything. 

“It probably took about 30 minutes to clean up, it’s something I do on a daily basis.

“I have about 40 animals, I have 10 ferrets, all rescues.”