Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto

A knife dealer from Italy has filmed himself cutting vegetables and fruit with extra-sharp knives, and the slices are the thinnest you’ll ever see.

Giacomo Giovannitti, from Bologna, has worked with Japanese knives for over 10 years, and in the video he shows the supreme skills he has acquired, cutting tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, cucumber, apple and radish so thin that the slices are almost transparent.

As Giacomo’s blade slides swiftly through the vegetables, you wonder what kind of meal he’ll possibly get out the paper-like, edible sheets.

While Giacomo admits that a sharp Japanese knife can help to obtain such a thin cut, he says that much of his ability is down to years and years of practice.

Giacomo said: “I started these videos four or five years ago to show the difference between a Japanese knife and a regular one.

“The blades I use are all handmade Japanese ones, which are the best in the world, so they obviously do help.

“However, you can do this with any sharp knife and a lot of practice.”

Giacomo showcases his Japanese knives on his Instagram channel.

He imports the blades from Japan and builds customised, colourful handles himself, he then uploads videos regularly to show off his cutting flare, chopping up anything from grape seeds and strawberries to ham and beef.

He said: “Years ago I bough this expensive Japanese knife and I couldn’t find anyone capable of sharpening it, so I started to practice sharpening on other knives first and then I got on to that one.

“My passion for knives started with that first Japanese one.

“When I tried it I immediately understood the potential of Japanese steel and I wanted to learn more and more about it.”