Life Video

By Federico Cornetto

 A restaurant turned a nasty prank into an opportunity to be good Sa-marinara-tans when they gave 60 pizzas to rough sleepers after guests failed to show up.

 Owner at the Alpha Game Laser Q-Fun Gessate in Milan, Italy, Roberto Smenghi, filmed himself and staffers getting ready to take the pizzas out to the city’s homeless on December 14.

 Despite the rows of empty tables in the background, Roberto and his members of staff appear cheerful as they flip the last few pizzas into the oven and get ready to hit the road towards the city.

 During the video, Roberto said: “There is pizza for 60 people.

 “Here’s why; 60 pizzas ordered and nobody showed up, nobody.”

 The prank could have resulted in a waste of food and money, however, Roberto thought of a way to turn somebody else’s mean act into a good deed.

He said: “We reserved the entire room for this group, with seven waiters just for them, we also asked them for a phone number.

“We tried to call but nobody answers and that’s when we realised they weren’t coming.

 “The pizzas were ready to go into the ovens, and we felt annoyed by this mean prank.

“It was a very nasty thing to do, but it would have been even worse to waste all that food, so we made a few phone calls to some voluntary organisations.” 

Roberto and his team finally received help by the Croce Rossa (Red Cross) to take the pizzas to the homeless in Piazza del Duomo, the big square in front of Milan Cathedral.

Roberto said: “They asked us to take the pizzas to the central station, then we chose Piazza del Duomo.

 “We don’t have a delivery service and so we went to a supermarket and we bought everything necessary, starting with the cardboard boxes. 

“When we got to the piazza, the pizzas were still smoking hot.” 

Roberto has since become a local hero, and even Milan’s mayor Giuseppe Sala phoned him to thank him for his good deed.