Video Viral

By Jack Williams

This adorable little girl did her best to stand up for name-calling, refusing to accept her auntie comparing a dog’s body shape to a POTATO.

Not looking to body shame, Emily Kern simply compared the appearance of a small, fluffy dog to that of a potato – but that did not please her niece, Mattigan, who is 5.

In the amusing video, Mattigan can be seen crying while telling Emily, 22, “You hurt my feelings.”

When Emily asked “Why?” the youngster tells her straight: “Because you called the doggy a potato.”

Holding back the laughter, Emily and Mattigan then engaged in a back-and-forth about the pooches appearance.

According to Emily, Mattigan eventually calmed down on December 5, 2018, at her aunt’s home in Oakland, New Jersey, USA – but only after an apology.

Emily said: “I saw a video on Facebook of this tiny puppy that was a fluffball and kind of looked like a potato, and so I started laughing, saying it looked like a potato and my niece heard me and got very upset.”

“I don’t know if she was overtired or just attached to that specific puppy.

“I’m not sure what kind of dog it was, maybe a Pomeranian. 

“It was a tiny puppy and it was very fluffy.

“My niece is always cracking me up with all of the things she does and says, and I had no idea that me calling a random dog on the internet a potato would offend her.”