Animals Video

By Jack Williams

A pair of animal rescuers were called to a rather unique spot recently, when they were asked to save a seagull that was found dangling from a lamppost.

In the strange scenes, the bird can be seen swaying back and forth in the air, a fishing line attached itself to the light source.


Rescuer Yvette Smith of the LA Animal Services can be seen heading up the 30-foot pole in San Pedro, California, USA, in a cherry picker.

The bird appeared to have the line wrapped around its neck, and precaution needed to be taken, said the group’s leader, Armando Navarrette.

He added: “The precautions with wildlife is that you need to protect yourself at all times and also keep the animal from becoming too stressed out. 


“At the time we did not know that the gull has swallowed a fishing hook that was causing severe damage to its internal organs.”

Headcam footage shows how Yvette worked to untangle the distressed bird. 

The whole rescue took around 20 minutes, and the bird was then taken to the Marin Mammal Center before being transferred to an International Bird Rescue location nearby, where surgery took place to have the hook removed.