Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

The saying ‘Mum always knows best’ ran true for this little boy who, after saying he loved rocks, believed he’d received a box full for Christmas.

After misbehaving, mischievous Karter Gaines had turned a blind eye to his mum’s warning that Santa would only buy him rocks, openly stating he likes them.

Determined to teach her cheeky six-year-old a lesson, Breyana bought some massage rocks and wrapped them up for him to open on the big day.

Clearly devastated, Breyana lets the lesson sink in while driving over to his grandparents before giving him his real presents.

Mum Breyana filmed her son’s reaction: “Karter is very outspoken and loves to make jokes.

“I was determined to let him know mommy can’t be one of those jokes and that Santa doesn’t play around.

“I told him he kept being naughty, then Santa was going to buy him rocks for Christmas.

“His response was ‘I like rocks’.

“I decided to follow through with his love for rocks and made an example out of it.”

Originally planning to buy coal, Breyana ended up buying massage rocks so she could use them after her hilarious prank.

Bursting into tears once he’d realised he’d made Santa’s naughty list, Breyana let the lesson sink in as they headed over to his grandparents’ house for the holiday.

Breyana added: “The hour-long ride to his grandmother’s house was a drag as he sat and pondered what could have possibly went wrong.

“When we arrived to my mother’s house, Santa had left him a note and had brought all of his gifts there including the Dirt Bike he requested.

“All I can say is ‘be careful what you ask for’.

“Lesson learned son.”