Life Video

By Randal Coombs

A family were forced to jump into shark infested waters after their boat burst into flames.

Five adults and a five-year-old child were trapped on their boat off Rottnest Island, Australia on Boxing Day.

The fire, which started in the engine room, quickly engulfed the 15m boat causing all the passengers to jump into the Indian Ocean.

Despite the boat being completely destroyed, all passengers were successfully rescued by Fremantle Sea Rescue.

A spokesperson said: “Boxing Day is one of the busiest days on the water with many boat owners taking their boats and families over to the popular holiday destination Rottnest Island.

“The boat owner noticed smoke coming from the engine room of the boat whilst travelling from Claremont Yacht Club to the Island.

“They stopped the vessel attempting to extinguish the fire but soon realised there was no choice but to abandon it by jumping into the water.

“The occupants were pulled out of the water by a nearby civilian boat.

“Fremantle Sea Rescue was alerted, and two rescue vessels made it to scene within four minutes of the first call.

“The boat took approximately 30mins to completely burn down to the waterline where it then sank in 18m of water.

“All occupants were recovered alive and well.

“The owner was very upset about losing his boat which he was obviously very proud of.”